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Tour Itinerary for Romantic Tours in Czech Republic‏

Czech Republic - 7-10 day Tour of Prague and North Bohemia Czech Switzerland (you select the number of days)  

  The Czech Republic was the home of aristocracy and royalty over hundreds of years and has some of the most beautiful and enchanting Renaissance and Baroque Castles and Palaces of the world.  It also specializes in producing world famous crystal, glass and porcelain that is used in the manufacturing of lamps and chandeliers, jewellery, drinking and wine glasses, bowls, etc. and other decorative artifacts. 

3-4 days in Prague - Accommodation in a 3,4 or 5 star hotel (you select the star category)

  In the grand city of Prague you will experience the beautiful historic buildings and the see the architectural styles of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods as you walk down an exciting labyrinth of medieval cobblestone streets that are lined with shops, restaurants, galleries, theatres etc. Enjoy a scenic boat ride down the Vltava River and marvel in the beauty and mystique of Prague at night.  

  An experienced tour guide who speaks several languages will walk with you as you explore many famous and important sites that will make your tour fun and memorable.

  Explore Wenceslas Square, Old Town, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Clock Tower (with elevator), Jewish Quarter (Josefov), King's Way, Charles Bridge, Lesser Town, St. Nicolaus Church, Prague Castle Complex with St.Vitus Cathedral, Vrtbovska Gardens, New Town

4-6 days in North Bohemia - Accommodation in Luxury Castle Romantic Chateau Krasna Lipa www.romantic-chateau.com

  North Bohemia also known as Bohemian or Czech Switzerland is a lush, panoramic and scenic area filled with nature, medieval forests, sandstone canyons, mountains, clear rivers, lakes, and streams and is a  Unesco World Heritage Site that is breathtakingly beautiful.  This outstanding area with many activities such as nature walks, hiking, skiing, golfing, horseback riding, swimming, mountain climbing, sightseeing etc. is located at the Czech West/East German borders and is separated by spectacular views of the winding and picturesque romantic Elbe River.

  You will be accompanied by a local tour guide who will take you to visit some of these exciting attractions - Decin Palace and Gardens, The Pravcice Gate natural sandstone arch, medieval sandstone canyons and forest, neighbouring rock towns, take a ferry ride down the Elbe River and explore the mystical Town of Hrensko, see the panoramic German wellness and spa town of Bad Schandau, admire the Puppenmuseum in the neighbouring German town of Seifhennersdorf which has over 2000 dolls, marvel in the local Czech crystal and glass factories or visit many other scenic local area attractions and monuments.

Virtual webtours of Czech Republic North Bohemia natural sandstone rock formations and towns  http://www.skalnimesta.cz/en/rock-towns.html

  For more information please contact us with your inquiries and reservations where additional details and costs will be provided.